Through the gates

In Brief

The funeral carriages drive along "The high railings of Prospect" Cemetery on Finglas Road and then come to a stop near "the gates," where mourners from another funeral are exiting the cemetery. The hired mutes lift Paddy Dignam's coffin from the hearse and carry it in "through the gates." "All walked after."

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J. J. McCarthy, Ireland's leading architect of Catholic churches in the mid-19th century, designed the entrance gates and also the mortuary chapel. In the photograph at right, one can see not only these prominent sights at the entrance to the cemetery, but also the curb on Finglas Road that the narrative mentions: "The felly harshed against the curbstone: stopped." A felly is the metal rim of a wheel that the spokes support.

JH 2015
The entrance to Prospect Cemetery on Finglas Road in Glasnevin, in a photograph of unknown date. Beyond the railings are the mortuary chapel and O'Connell's monument. Source: