Corrections and Comments

The Joyce Project is a huge undertaking and it is largely a one-man job, so mistakes and omissions are inevitable. I am indebted to dozens of email correspondents who have found typos, inquired about broken links and other coding problems, identified factual errors, suggested relevant scholarly works to consider, supplied more complete attributions for images, and so forth. Please don't hesitate to write if you think that something could be improved. I will not always agree, but I will take your question seriously and think about whether to make changes.

Positive feedback is also welcome. I appreciate hearing not only from scholars and long-time Joyceans but also from people making their way through Ulysses for the first time. The site was first dreamed up as an aid for my students, so learning that it is helping new readers gives me pleasure. A sense of international connection sustains me too, having corresponded with users in the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, and Bangladesh.

Most images, videos, and audio recordings on the site have been downloaded from the internet, with identification of the sourcing website and as much information about the work as I can manage, but without permission or compensation. If you object to my using something to which you hold the rights, I'll remove it without delay.

You can reach me at John Hunt.