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July 2017 Notes for Calypso completed (JH)
March 2017 Notes for Proteus completed (JH)
March 2016 Mobile version of site launched (PB)
January 2015 Pagination installed for Episodes 16-18 (JH)
November 2014 Pagination installed for Episodes 11-15 (JH)
September 2014Pagination installed for Episodes 1-10 (JH)
January 2013Times in the Novel posted (JH)
October 2012 People in the Novel posted (BN)
September 2012 Site 2.0 launched (AH and JH)
June 2012 Notes for Nestor completed (JH)
March 2012 Text of Episodes 15-18 loaded (BN)
August 2011 Text of Episode 14 loaded (BN)
July 2011 Notes for Telemachus completed (JH)
July 2011 Text of Episode 13 loaded (BN)
May 2011 Text of Episode 12 loaded (BN)
April 2011 Text of Episodes 1-11 loaded (BN)
December 2009 Site 1.0 launched (TS and JH)