Tally of Notes

Textual notes are accumulating both sequentially and randomly, i.e. suites are being built up for entire chapters, in order, at the same time that isolated notes are being added for other chapters, in no order. For the user who wishes to look ahead from the completed chapters, here is a tally of the total notes (not links) for each episode of Ulysses. Click on "Highlight Notes" in a given chapter to reveal the links.

Telemachus 159 (completed)
Nestor 88 (completed)
Proteus 206 (completed)
Calypso 104 (completed)
Lotus Eaters 36
Hades 60
Aeolus 36
Lestrygonians 55
Scylla and Charybdis 43
Wandering Rocks 36
Sirens 28
Cyclops 54
Nausicaa 43
Oxen of the Sun 60
Circe 146
Eumaeus 28
Ithaca 64
Penelope 37

Many notes are linked to passages in different chapters. The total number of unique notes to which all these passages link, so far, is 602.