Bride Street

Bride Street

In Brief

"Bride Street" is a street on the eastern edge of the Liberties district, just north of St. Patrick's Cathedral. In 1904 it was a blighted area, full of tenements. The novel visits this part of town several times, first in connection with two women whom Stephen sees walking out onto Sandymount Strand, and later in connection with Bob Doran's annual bender.

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In Proteus Stephen assigns Mrs. Florence MacCabe to an address on this street. She appears to be a poor but respectable widow. Bob Doran, however, goes there in search of female companionship when he is around the bend. In Wandering Rocks we hear that "Blazes Boylan waylaid Jack Mooney's brother-in-law, humpy, tight, making for the liberties." It is not the first time. The narrator in Cyclops recalls the "Night he was near being lagged only Paddy Leonard knew the bobby, 14A. Blind to the world up in a shebeen in Bride street after closing time, fornicating with two shawls and a bully on guard, drinking porter out of teacups." In the narrator's account, the two prostitutes were picking the polluted Doran's pockets while they played along with his games.

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Bride Street in 1954, watercolor by Flora H. Mitchell. Source: