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Near the beginning of Lotus Eaters M'Coy tells Bloom, "I was with Bob Doran, he's on one of his periodical bends, and what do you call him Bantam Lyons. Just down there in Conway's we were." Near the end of the chapter, when Bloom is "down there"—i.e., at the southern end of the same street—he runs into Bantam Lyons. Lyons picks up a supposed racing tip from Bloom, and then "He sped off toward Conway's corner." The references are to a pub at 31-32 Westland Row, on the corner where that street turns right into Lincoln Place. Today it is called Kennedy's.

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Bloom is accosted by Bantam Lyons just after he leaves Sweny's pharmacy, on the south side of Lincoln Place, so Lyons' run "toward" the pub will be quite short, taking him diagonally across the intersection. Bloom himself is headed west on Lincon Place, toward the Turkish baths.

It is said that Joyce liked this pub, and today it retains an existential connection to him: after readings of his works are completed at the little bookshop and shrine in the Sweny's building across the street, participants often retire to Kennedy's for a pint or two. For quite a few years the pub has also served Calypso-style breakfasts on Bloomsday.

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The outside of Kennedy's pub today. Source:
The bar inside. Source:
Sweny's and Kennedy's on Google Maps, across a crosswalk from one another. Source: