Meade's yard

In Brief

The funeral cort├Ęge goes up Great Brunswick (now Pearse) Street, a major thoroughfare on the south side of central Dublin, passing in turn a "National school. Meade's yard. The hazard." The second item in the list is a business. The third is a cabstand.

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The school in question is St. Andrew's Boys' and Girls' National School, at 114-116 Great Brunswick Street. The building still stands, but the school was decommissioned in the 1970s. For more photos and information on St. Andrew's school, see

According to Gifford (reading Thom's), Meade's, at 153-159 Great Brunswick Street, is "Michael Meade & Son, builders and contractors, sawing, planing, and moulding mills, and joinery works."

The hazard is the same cabstand that Bloom passed by in Lotus Eaters, "An hour ago."

JH 2014
St. Andrew's National School today, put to new uses. Source: Gareth Collins.