Brian Boroimhe house

In Brief

Just north of the Crossguns bridge, at 1 Prospect Terrace, the funeral carriages pass a pub called the "Brian Boroimhe house," named after the great Irish leader Brian Boru (Boroimhe), who reigned as High King from 1002 and whose army defeated the Danes at Clontarf in 1014. They are now in the suburb of Glasnevin, the home of the Prospect Cemetery, and Bloom thinks, "Near it now."

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Gifford, reading Thom's, lists the owner in 1904 as "J. M. Ryan, proprietor and family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant." Gareth Collins explains the conjunction, still reflected on the front of the Brian Boru today: "Back in the 1800s many public houses doubled up as a grocers or hardware stores or even undertakers. This was due to the temperance movement and landlords had to diversify due to a drop in sales. They sold food etc. at the front, while at the back it was the public house for wines and spirits. They were known as spirit grocers. This no longer happens due to retail competition, although a lot of the old pubs still say grocers or spirit merchants or wine merchants above the door."

JH 2015
The Brian Boru House today. Source: Gareth Collins.