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In Hades Bloom remembers Molly growing "big" with their son and having to "refuse the Greystones concert." Greystones is a fishing village in County Wicklow named for a stretch of coast between its two beaches. It lies 15-20 miles down the coast from Dublin, just south of Bray Head. In the Victorian era the town became a fashionable seaside resort.

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Dubliners began looking to Bray and Greystones as vacation destinations and even as residential addresses starting in the 1850s, when newly laid train tracks facilitated travel to and from the city. Today these attractive communities lie on the two southernmost stops of the DART line. Live music is an ongoing tradition in Greystones.
John Hunt 2023

Robert French photograph of Greystones Harbour ca. 1880-1900, part of the Lawrence Collection held in the National Library of Ireland. Source:

2017 aerial photograph of Greystones Harbour by Moptoptv, with Bray Head visible at the upper right . Source: Wikimedia Commons.