Sandymount Green

In Brief

Sandymount Green is a small triangular park in Sandymount, a residential suburb located about a mile and half SE of central Dublin on the edge of the bay. In 1904 the park was a terminus for a tramline.

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In Nausicaa, which takes place on the Dublin Bay shore in Sandymount, mention is made of a man who lives near the Green about a quarter of a mile inland: "And Gerty, rapt in thought, scarce saw or heard her companions or the twins at their boyish gambols or the gentleman off Sandymount green that Cissy Caffrey called the man that was so like himself passing along the strand taking a short walk."

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Tram at Sandymount Green, bound for Nelson's Pillar in central Dublin. Source: archives of the National Library of Ireland. Reproduced in Cyril Pearl, Dublin in Bloomtime (Viking, 1969).