Come on!

Come on!

In Brief

The first section of Aeolus resounds with the loud hoarse voice of the "timekeeper," summoning trams to their places at the starting gate: "Rathgar and Terenure!"; "Come on, Sandymount Green!";  "Start, Palmerston Park!" Considered as rhetoric, the name for these shouts, Seidman argues, is ecphonesis: "an exclamatory phrase."

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Ecphonesis (from Greek ek = out + phonesis = speaking, sounding, voicing, so "crying out," or "projecting one's voice out") was understood by classical rhetoricians as a phrase uttered in passion or to capture the hearers' attention. The former meaning does not apply to the timekeeper's calls, but the latter one probably does.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons.