Barney Kiernan's

In Brief

Most of the action of Cyclops takes place in "Barney Kiernan's," an actual pub in 1904 but gone today. It sat several blocks north of the Liffey, not far from the Four Courts and just around the corner from a courthouse on Green Street.

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This dismal little establishment adorned its walls with memorabilia celebrating insurrections, trials, and executions, a fact reflected in the episode's frequent references to law courts, hangings, police blotters, and heroic violence. Given the fervid spirit of Irish nationalism that prevails in the bar, it seems hugely ironic that it is located (as we learn late in the chapter) at "8, 9 and 10 little Britain street."

JH 2014
Photograph of Bernard Kiernan's public house, date unknown. Reproduced in David Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland (Yale UP, 1992), courtesy of the University of Southern Illinois Library.