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"Balor of the Evil Eye" was king of the Formorians, a giant race of great antiquity that lasted at least to the time of CĂșchulainn, oppressing newer inhabitants of the island. Balor had a large eye in the middle of his forehead that, when uncovered, caused burning destruction to whatever was before it.

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Lugh Lamh Fada or Lug of the Long Arm, Balor's grandson, became king of the Tuatha De Danann and killed his grandfather in battle by slinging either a spear or a stone into the evil eye. Legend has it that when the dead giant fell to the earth, his still-burning eye dug an immense hole that became Lough Nasool (Loch na SĂșil), the Lake of the Eye, near Cong in County Mayo.

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Balor, by an unknown artist. Source: