Aungier Street

Aungier Street

In Brief

Bloom has purchased the roller blind in his bedroom window from "Frank O'Hara, window blind, curtain pole and revolving shutter manufacturer, 16 Aungier street."

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Aungier Street lies in the south part of the inner city, about a quarter of a mile west of St. Stephen's Green. A major thoroughfare, it was the first planned street in post-medieval Dublin. Francis Aungier laid it out in 1661, about a decade before the construction of St. Stephen's Green.

Plans are currently underway to revitalize this important old street, which has fallen a long way from its 17th and 18th century splendor.

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Aungier Street as painted by Flora H. Mitchell in 1966. Source:
A postcard of Aungier Street from the 1920s. Source:
A surviving 17th century building at 21 Aungier Street, nearly across the street from Bloom's window-dressing shop. Source: