Epps's cocoa

Epps's cocoa

In Brief

In Eumaeus Bloom proposes that Stephen drink "a cup of Epps's cocoa" with him at Bloom's house, and in Ithaca the two men do just that. Epps's was a brand of water-soluble cocoa commonly available in Dublin in 1904.

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Gifford quotes from an ad in the 18 June 1904 Weekly Freeman: "Epps's Cocoa; Grateful and Comforting; Nutritious and Economical; . . . The best suited for all ages and classes, The greatest invigorator for the fagged. Justly prized by Mothers for themselves and their children, who choose it eagerly."

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Ad for Epps's Cocoa, reproduced in David Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland (1992).